Action Avenir Consulting offers services to companies and entrepreneurs who wish to develop their activities in France, Europe and abroad, especially In Asia.
In this regard we offer various services to foreign companies wishing to settle in France and Europe.

Vice versa we help French and European companies to set up on a long term basis notably on the Chinese market but also in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Project support varies from the creation of the companies and brands, to the installation of offices and showrooms, the marketing of products and services, and any other activity related to customer needs.

Thanks to our privileged relationships with various interlocutors from our previous experiences we have the means to find the most suitable solutions for each project.


                                                                                       Our expertise:
                            helping companies to set up on the French and Asian markets

Development in France and Europe

• Creation of the company

• Presentation office installation

• Support of the development on the local

• Getting in touch with local employees

• Local trademark filling

• Organization and support of business

Development in China and Asia

● WFOE company creation

● Creation of a company in Free Trade
   Zones in Beijin, Shanghai, Shenzen, 
   Changsha, Guangzhou, Isle of Hainan

● Installation of presentation office

● Installation of points of sale in our
   "European Zone"

● Development on the local market

● Connection with employees local and

● Local trademark filing