Business Club Europe-China

Non-exhaustive introduction of our services in China for French and European companies wishing to join the Europe - China network.

Action Avenir Consulting supports foreign companies that set up in China and in this regard, we offer a very wide range of services divided into six parts, according to the needs of each company.

We are present in France and China and our company in Changsha (city of 7.5 million inhabitants and capital of Hunan province) will be very happy to accompany you very professionally in all the stages of development of your future activity, in this incredible market and very rich in opportunities, which is China.
● Creation of company on your behalf, provision of offices, warehouses, negotiations with
   the government to install you in free trade zones, which offer multiple advantages,
   especially in the field of import-export, exemptions taxes payable, reduced to a

● You have products or services to exhibit in trade shows in China, we accompany you
   throughout the year and we offer collaboration options, with full support and salon
   monitoring by our teams installed on the site.

● Do you want to display your products and services permanently through a dedicated
   space in a very large shopping center? Welcome to our European Pavilion! We
   welcome you in one of our stores with exceptional conditions of collaboration: no rent
   and utilities to pay for 3 years, development of network distributor and network B to B,
   franchise ... several solutions are available to you to know you and grow in record of

● Optimal Solutions in Digital Marketing; we create your Chinese site, we put your
   products and services for sale on the Internet, on our online store, we create your
   official account WeChat (sales network number 1 in China, with over 900,000,000
   million users) we develop your brand online.

● Do you offer only services and want to grow in the local market? We accompany you on
   the creation of your company, making available offices, we put you in contact with
   potential customers through our network, we build together a development strategy and
   help you to make it happen.

● Are you a company developing a new technology or having ideas that you cannot
   afford? We accompany you in all your efforts and we facilitate the help of government in
   order to be able to succeed.

● Whatever it is and whatever you want to do, our dedicated team is at your service to
   offer you the best solution for your professional project.

See you soon in China!