Creation of a Company in Free Trade Areas in China

Free trade areas in China are areas benefiting from a special legal regime which makes them more attractive to foreign investors. These zones offer very attractive conditions to foreign companies (customs duty, free repatriation of investments and profits, no taxes for several years then very low taxes, etc.)

These zones were created to encourage investment of foreign capital, trade, exchange between companies, with several advantages. Foreign companies will be able to export their products and services there with lower or even exempted customs duties.

    Our company in China, thanks to its local network, take care of the whole process of creating your company, in all free  
    trade areas especialy in :

⦁ Beijing 
   ⦁ Shanghai
   ⦁ Shenzhen
   ⦁ Guangzhou
   ⦁ Changsha 
   ⦁ Hainan Island
   ⦁ Yiwu          

     The duration of the creation of your company varies between 8 and 30 days, depending on location and the process is very simplified.

    ⦁ Company with 100% authorized foreign participation (you do not need to associate with a Chinese citizen)

    ⦁ No real estate investment required

    ⦁ Quick installation - you can set up your business in a few days.

    ⦁ Great flexibility - There is no limit to the scope of your business.

    ⦁ Protection of intellectual property

    ⦁ Share capital from 10,000 RMB (about 1,200 euros)

Our package includes

⦁ Creation of your company in your name      

⦁ License of your activity      

⦁ Official stamp of your company     

⦁ Brochure of your company, in Chinese and English     

⦁ 100 Business cards in Chinese     

⦁ Your company's accounting service offered for 1 year      

⦁ Help to organize your trip to China, from France, with all the necessary information      

⦁ Help with all the information to obtain your visa, from France      

⦁ Reception in China in our offices in Changsha, city of 7.5 million inhabitants and capital of the Province of Hubei       

  The price of this package starts at 2100 euros but the final price depends on the nature and size of the project, as well as the number
  of associates.

      After the creation of your company, we are by your side to support you in each stage of your business development and we offer
     you a very wide range of services including:

   ⦁ France / China / World transport solutions and on-site storage of your goods

   ⦁ Provision of offices, warehouses, conference rooms, any other
      structure that you need for permanent or ocassional situation, in the city of your choice

   ⦁ Advertising on various media in China / Asia, we create your Chinese website, we puts your products and services for sale on   
       the Internet, on our online store, we create your official WeChat account ( number 1 sales network in China, with more than
       900.000.000 milion users) business is growing online.

   ⦁ Connect with suppliers, potential customers and partners through our network of local and Asian companies

   ⦁ Benefit from investments from our partners and from government programs               

      Do not hesitate to contact us, our teams in France and China are at your disposal for any complementary information.