Current Accounting

Current Formalities

Office Settling

Annual accounting service of your French company, which is compulsory for all french companies, espcially if you want to hire employees. 

Any other administrative formalities after changement of activities, like as company nature, name, address, and establishment of subsidiaries or branch offices. 

Showroom or operation center instalation  according to your field of activity, like as office renting, decoration, and organisation of office visitiing. 

Personal Management

Local Regulations


Hiring, training and managing employees of your company to make sure that your french company is in good hands. 

Inform you  of  the laws and taxes in France and help you to find the best formulas to make benefits. 

At your absence, we may help to present your products or services in local trade shows or professional events.

Seeking Partnership

Trademark Registration

Offshore Bank Account

Reserch collaborators and participation in negociations, and internationa purchase. 

Brand creation or purchase  in France or Europe, with international extention.

Offshore bank account or offshore company opening and operations.